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Hothand Provides Targeted Advertising!
Hothand's Mobile Advertising Platform is Here Today

Consumers get info & deals on what they want NOW!

  • Cell phones are always “on” and in hand
  • Can opt-in for text message updates
  • Consumers access information on their phones when the buying decision is being made

Hothand has developed an innovative platform that allows:

  • Advertisers to reach the university/collegiate audience
  • Brands to extend programs to a mobile environment
  • Consumers to find products and information with a few easy clicks

Hothand enabling mobile commerce today…

• With its proprietary menu-driven mobile platform that allows consumers to quickly find what they need
• With a proven business model that provides merchants with the ability to reach targeted consumers on the go, anywhere, at anytime
• By providing merchants with a vehicle to deliver personalized, timely information and deals to consumers on their mobile phones
• By tapping into important affinity groups and decision-makers, such as the collegiate audience

Interested? email us at advertising@hothand.com  

Merchants Control the Content
•  Real time updates – 24/7
•  Simple Web interface
•  Secure access
•  No need to develop mobile Web site or content
Great deals! Students can also find great deals and coupons from local merchants through the merchant network on many of the university MobileRec sites.

Many major Universities are already using MobileRec by Hothand.  To find out more about Hothand MobileRec, visit our website

e, at Hothand, are extremely excited about receiving a patent titled "Mobile Commerce Framework" on April 6, 2010. This patent gives us the opportunity to partner with some of the best technology companies working in the mobile advertising and commerce space. Here is the patent's abstract:

"A subscription-based system for providing commerce information for one or more mobile devices for one or more merchants. Some techniques employed feature a subscription-based method for presenting commercial resources to a mobile device. The method involves receiving mobile device user information relating to a geographic location to locate one or more merchants within a subscription-based shopping network, and receiving mobile device user information relating to a merchant type within the subscription-based shopping network. The method also involves receiving, from a database over a communication network, information for one or more merchants associated with the mobile device user information for the geographic location and the merchant type, and presenting the associated merchant information on the mobile device. The associated merchant information can include a merchant name and address, a merchant telephone number, a merchant advertisement, a merchant coupon, or a merchant product or service offering to subscribers of the shopping network."

"Hothand awarded patent for location-based mobile marketing, advertising"
- April 8, 2010 Mobile Commerce Daily
"Hothand's New Mobile Marketing Patent Will Affect More Than Ad Networks & App Developers"
- April 8, 2010 Social Times
"Hothand Patent Could Rattle Geotargeting Market"
- April 11, 2010 Digiday:Daily
"Hothand Wireless Sees Major Growth with New Mobile Marketing Patent"
- April 20, 2010 BusinessWire.com
"Hothand Wireless Secures Mobile Marketing Patent"
- April 23, 2010 BNET
"Hothand Looks At New Business Model"
- May 3, 2010 Digiday:Daily

"Mobile Collegiate Commerce System" - Filed Aug 4, 2008

Abstract:  "A mobile commerce system and method includes a fronted software that enables a variety of displays on a mobile device. The displays display information about college-related merchandise. The information can be tailored for a specific college to which the user has pre-approved access, via a user account management module employed on a server associated with the college. A backend, including a database, stores a product catalogue of the merchandise, which is accessible by the user operating mobile device, and which is transmitted on request to the user for display and operation by the mobile device."

"Devices, systems, and methods for solving challenges in telecom and sales marketing" - Issued

Abstract:  "Handheld communication devices, such as wireless phones, include one or more application programs that permit a person to sell handheld communication products at a point of contact with a potential customer. The methods reward the user of the handheld communication device by providing incentives for selling communication products. By purchasing the handheld communication devices, the customer may then sell other communication products to other customers. The sales of the handheld communication products result in an expanding network of customers and increased revenue for telecommunication companies."

Contact Tim Leets with your questions about licensing and partnerships.
tim@hothand.com - (949) 581-2840

The law firm of Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC handles all licensing contracts.

Hothand is a leader in mobile technology and marketing. The company's mission is to provide rich content and special offers to consumers through its unique menu-driven mobile gateway to web-enabled phones and wireless devices. In April 2010 Hothand was awarded a landmark patent for the combination of search, location services, and mobile advertising on mobile devices. Hothand is also first in filing and publishing patents for referral transactions from a mobile device and, a mobile collegiate commerce system.

Hothand brings merchants and consumers together to share the rewards of mobile marketing. Hothand Wireless’ application simplifies the consumer experience by presenting a categorized virtual shopping network based upon the consumer’s interest and location avoiding the need to type in search requests. Hothand Wireless’ application is built on proprietary patented and patent-pending technology.

Hothand also works with partners to develop or license mobile web technology for key markets. For example, Hothand developed & partners with Nebraska Book Company to provide a mobile college bookstore platform which automatically converts college bookstores' current websites into a mobile optimized version accessible via any cell phone with data service.
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